The Hall probably dates back to the late 15th Century and was first lived in by the Salusbury family.

In the 16th Century it was the home of the Lloyd family of Bod Idris, Wrexham and it was they who rebuilt it in about 1600.

Many features remain, some of which are still present in the house, especially in the roof.

In the late 18th Century Robert Adam was commissioned to build a grand new house and his plans for this can be seen at Sir John Soane’s Museum in London.

In fact only one Wing was actually built containing the East Entrance and Hallway, Drawing Room, Dining Room and four upstairs rooms with a magnificent mahogany stairway leading up from the Hallway.

In 1841 the older, front part of the house was remodelled by Thomas Penson and the existing drive, avenue of trees and the old Lodge were laid out.

Since then no substantial changes have been made to the exterior of the house though inside central heating and all modern comforts have been installed.

For 500 years it has been a well-known house and remains today one of the best preserved and most attractive homes in the Vale of Clwyd.